Visual artist Edith Madou is specialized in realistic narrative ceramics.

Her images are humorous and airy with a touch of nostalgia, based on recognizable utensils which fish characters in absurd everyday situations.

Inspiration is found around the sea and in everyday retro life.

With love for the craft she creates, vivid colors and materials make the image live.

The cheerful images are measured with a timeless character and high quality are appriciated by a wide audience and let many people enjoy daily.

Through the art shop and a number of galleries is her work for sale.
Look in AGENDA for the next exhibitions in galleries and exhibitions or contact via
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Latest adjustments 1-7-2017

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Water is endless. Water is the power of life.

Beeldend kunstenaar Edith Madou Ramelestraat 6b 7416WV Deventer 0653447237